What’s the game plan?

I am not a planner, never really have been. I like to fly by the seat of my pants. No spreadsheet, no to do list, just living in the moment, and more than likely procrastinating something.

It gives my friends anxiety, but they have accepted my flaws, and think I’m worth it.

Whenever there is a life altering plot twist, I believe there needs to be some breathing time. Some time to reflect, and think about what is really important. My ultimate goal is to really brainstorm and figure out what would truly make me happy, while making me feel like I’m making an impact.

I’ve ALWAYS had this unrealistic, nagging feeling, that I have a greater purpose, I just haven’t found it yet. I’m going to really need to hone in on that and do some soul searching. No better time than the present.

Here is my attempt at a list. In no particular order these are my short term goals.

1) Get the kids through Covid

2) Catch up on laundry (I mean ALL of it) even the blankets that have been sitting in the corner of the laundry room for months.

3) Organize the pots and pans. Maybe even lay down the liner that I got at Marshall’s months ago.

4) Make dinner every night. Last night I made the kids Chicken Noodle soup and us Chili. I even made the Chili out of thawed hamburger patties so they didn’t go bad. Look at me being resourceful and responsible.

5) Cancel the unnecessaries like Ipsy, Hello Fresh, the gym. None of them are necessary and it’s a waste of money right now.

6) Go through the garage. Like really go through it. Even if it means multiple trips to Goodwill, and the dump.

7) Sell stuff I don’t need. Those pretty Tory Burch flats that just sit in the closet, they can go. I have unused Design one gift cards, and who knows what else just laying around collecting dust.

8) Be grateful everyday for the soul that I have, and the peace that my life brings.

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