Pink slips and Covid

What’s that one saying? You know, the one that sums everything up. Oh yeah that’s right, “some days all you can do is laugh.”

Where do I start? Let’s see, after 43 years I finally got fired from a job. I’ve quit a few, but can honestly say I’ve never walked in and had my stuff boxed up and ready to go. I’ve read about these events and always wondered what it felt like to be so easily dismissed. Do people cry? Do they scream out examples of every time there was underlying intentional acts of exclusion, and manipulation? Maybe some do, but I didn’t. I knew as soon as I walked in and saw my box, it was time. I could have done without the character assassination, but it was time. I’d be lying if I said I loved my job. I dreaded going back after my hysterectomy. It wasn’t always like that. I used to love it. I used to feel valued, appreciated, and there was mutual respect. Once those things are gone it’s just a paycheck.

Don’t feel bad for me, I’ll be just fine. My husband has my back. He is actually totally on board with my initial idea, which is to go work at Costco. You know the kind of job where you punch in, do your job, mingle with people, and then punch out. I want one of those. I think I’m officially retiring from the dental field.

Our life – always a plot twist

As if this morning’s excitement wasn’t enough, both kids have Covid. Last night Brogan’s allergy symptoms turned into a fever and some legit blah. Addison went to bed feeling fine, but woke Chuck up in the middle of the night sick. Considering I was given today off, he got to go to work while I tried to figure out what to do next. I called their doctor and I shit you not, I was 16th in the call queue at 8:15am. Once I drank 2 more cups of coffee, I finally got through. Unfortunately their supply’s were low, and they were not doing any testing today. Soonest was tomorrow, and that wasn’t for a rapid test. If your kids have Covid you kind of want to know asap. I drove to Rite Aid and they were out of home Covid test. Of course Ruthie, the awesome cashier called other stores, but they were all out too. Damit! I grabbed some Vernor’s, because that’s what you do in Michigan, and went back home.

I messaged a friend that works in a pharmacy, she said they were expecting a shipment. Hallelujah something worked out today. I made the hour round trip, and swabbed the shit out of those little noses. It’s similar to a home pregnancy test in the fact that there a test strip, a waiting period, and 2 pink lines means positive.

They feel crummy, but so far similar to a mild flu. I’m hoping it stays that way. They are out of school for 10 days and this contact tracing is no joke. I have yet to hear from the health department but I was told to be expecting their call. It kind of feels like when you have lice. You really don’t want to tell anyone, but you know you have to.

I’ve got one bummed out little football player but it’s what we have to do. For the next 10 days I’ll be home with the Covid crew, searching the help wanted ads.

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