Food prep and ex’s

Football season has begun. We had our first high school scrimmage on Thursday night. It was hotter than blazes. I sat on those bleachers for as long as I possibly could. I swear it had to be 100 degrees. That is not football weather. I’m not a fan of sweating uncontrollably. I went to the bathroom and it looked like I wet myself. I spent the last 20 minutes in the car.

How can something so cute, smell so bad?

I’m not a new football mom. What I am new to however, is the stench that has suddenly become a thing. Yeah, boys sweat and smell, but there has been nothing in the last 14 1/2 years that could have prepared me for the smell of this seasons football gear. I don’t know if it hormones or what, but I spent that whole ride home mouth breathing.

Friday morning Brogan was complaining of hip pain. We called Dr. Scott his chiropractor and made an appointment for that afternoon. There were a few errands I needed to run so he came with me. Unfortunately he forgot to get his gear out of my car from the night before. They had been marinating in my car all night in the heat. There was a bit of satisfaction in him saying, “Oh my God mom, I didn’t know I stunk that bad!” He quickly got everything out and I made him leave it in the yard. No way was that shit coming into my house. I’ve got some fancy detergent coming from Amazon tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Gag me

We went to Costco and loaded up on food prep supplies. Of course he got his pizza. There is something about Costco rotisserie chickens, and their pizza. I decided to splurge and grab myself a bouquet or flowers while I was there. Flowers make me smile.

We made it to the chiropractor on time and unfortunately Brogan was taken off of practice until Monday, hopefully. We got sent home with a Chiro gun (because my chiropractor is better than yours) and it’s been a hot commodity. I ended up ordering one on Amazon. Brogan has another appointment on Monday to see if the weekend of rest, icing, and massage has helped. Fingers crossed.

This morning I decided that we needed a Blackstone grill. Chuck and I headed to Tractor Supply to see what they had. There was only one left, and it was fully assembled, score! He never asks for anything. He never complains about how much I shop, or what I buy. It was great to see him get so excited about something. His love language is not gifts but today he was good with it.

He does smile occasionally

After Tractor Supply, we stopped by Menards. I was 15 feet short on edging, and wanted to paint the end table in the living room. Chuck was looking at stain, so I strolled over to the spray paint. Then I saw him, my ex. I haven’t seen him in at least 17 years. I did the fastest 180 and jetted my flip flopping ass back to the stain. I can’t believe how frazzled I got. Of course Chuck had no problem going over and looking at the spray paint. He thought it was funny as hell. I however, went and hid in the garden center. I’m a pretty level headed adult, but facing that head on wasn’t even an option. I was dating him when I met Chuck. We all worked together. Again I’m not good at diversifying those funds. Chuck claims he didn’t see him when he went over there. Maybe he did the same thing I did. No reason to have awkward conversations today.

Excuse me while I go wash the shit out of my underwear.

We got home and I needed a nap. That shit was traumatizing. Only kidding, we all know I would have napped no matter what. When I got up, Chuck had his grill seasoned, and ready. He did the veggies and chicken, while I made the quinoa in the Instant pot. lunches for the week are prepped and packed. I’m loving this meal prep thing we’ve been doing. It’s mindless and eliminates my bad habit of getting takeout because it’s easy.

Can’t wait to see what else we can do on this thing.
Food prep for the week. Chicken was added later.

Tomorrow we go to see nana and papa and go out on the boat. A relaxing Sunday sounds just perfect.

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