Nothing ruff, 10-4

I had my 6 week post hysterectomy appointment today. My surgeon is still out on medical leave, so I got to see one of her partners. I wasn’t sure if today’s appointment was for an exam, but I sure hoped so. I just needed some verification that all was well down there. Same routine as usual, “un dress from the waist down and she’ll be in, in a minute.” I was sitting there hoping I was gonna pass this exam. I mean, I know it’s not a pass or fail, but I will admit, I did not follow post op restrictions as well as I could have. What if that day I planted the trees and my belly button hurt, I dislodged something? Plus the occasional, random shooting pain is always a bit alarming.

This girl is released from restrictions

The Doctor came in and she seemed pleasant. I can’t imagine it’s real easy for her to see new patients, that she hasn’t actually preformed surgery on, but I did have some general questions about mine. I explained to her that pre surgery I was more of a don’t want to know the details kind of gal, but since having it, and having 6 weeks to google, I’d like to review what was done. She promised she would answer all of my questions after the exam. She asked if I had been having any pain. I explained that its not pain, but its a “different” awareness. There was some silence, and a pause. I’m not sure if she thought I was crazy, or if she was thinking. Of course to break the ice I said, “its probably just feeling neglected”. Thank God she laughed. Then proceed to let me know that sex is now allowed but there are still risks. There needs to be a lot of lubrication and nothing ruff out of the gate. 10-4 Doc

That’s a nice vaginal cuff ya got there

She checked my incisions, which are healing up well. She did her exam and explained that everything looked and felt like it should. I was going to make a smart ass comment about the trim job I did yesterday, but I didn’t. That shit was no easy feat let me tell ya. Im sure she noticed, and appreciated it, that’s all that matters. She sat down and drew me some pictures. So basically they removed my fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix. That would leave the vagina wide open so they form a “vaginal cuff’ and sew it shut at the top. I’m imagining a chip clip on a bag of Lays. So interesting. My 2 ovaries should be functioning fine and hopefully I won’t be going into menopause anytime soon. I’d like to at least enjoy this new found freedom before the mood swings and hot flashes start. She also said no more pap smears. Hallelujah.

This kid is growing up way too fast

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Brogan. I can not believe he is going to be 15 in November. It doesn’t seem possible. We hit Staples to get his school supplies and then Costco. The only reason he goes is because he knows I’ll cave and buy him pizza. We hit a few other stores before we came home and I took a nap. I can’t lie, I’m nervous about going back to work on Monday. I get tired so easy, naps have been necessary. I usually hit a wall between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been so blessed this last week with unexpected gifts. My love language is gifts, and I can’t tell you how these absolutely brightened my day. Two packages, from two different friends. Both of them with the same message and theme. They wanted me to know that they believe in me, and that they want me to continue to write. Wherever that takes me. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be told that people love to read my blog. They love to read my Facebook posts, and that I’ve made them laugh out loud, or smile. If you’re reading this blog and haven’t followed me, please do. It just takes a minute, and an email. You will get 1 email when I post, that’s it. Also if you follow this blog but aren’t following me via facebook you’re missing some good stuff.

From the beautiful Leslie Ball
Shelly called it a late birthday present, but I call it perfect

“What’s ruff sex?” Chuck asked. I laughed and said, “I’m not 100% sure babe, but if we don’t know, we probably aren’t having it.”

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