Hey Mom, its ok to dread the start of school, and yet look forward to it, for all the wrong reasons.

I know I am not alone when I say, I hate the start of school. I don’t hate it because I’m going to miss the endless bickering, or hearing Tik Toks on repeat. I hate it because my job gets harder. I love summer break, it’s a break for me too. No lunches to pack, no homework to keep track of, no last minute sign up genius regret. They can sleep to noon and I don’t care, shoot sometimes I prefer it.

Hasta la vista baby.

Now I have to brace myself for hell week. Actually it usually lasts for two weeks, but i’m trying to be positive. They are going to be exhausted, starving and overwhelmed. There is going to be an influx of loose paperwork and emails that someone has decided to trust me with, big mistake. My inbox currently has 5,489 emails unread. They aren’t going to be able to graze all day on microwave Rice a Roni, chips, and Oreos. They are getting an actual schedule. Not a willy nilly Mom one that usually includes a 2 hour slot of quiet, so I can take a nap.

I woke her up at 8 and turned on the lights. Came back down 10 minutes later and she was “ear warming” her eyes. This is gonna be fun.

Maybe you’re the mom that is going to cry at the bus stop, and morn the solitude of an empty house. Maybe your kids get a balanced packed lunch with cucumbers cut into stars hiding under that handwritten love note. That’s great! My kids are gonna get hot lunch, and when they run up a balance I’m gonna nix the cookies, $2 bottles of water, and the 3 chocolate milks. I’m not going to judge you as you wipe your tears, so please don’t judge me as I’m doing the happy dance.

My kid is living her best life. She is a complete mini me.

Remember this, comparing yourself to anyone else, will always end in feeling like a failure.

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