Making time for each other

My date is hot

The swing set got picked up this weekend. I wasn’t nearly as sad as I thought I would be. Addison on the other hand has shed a few tears. As a matter of fact there is now a chair in the exact spot that her swing was in. A memorial of sorts. It’s adorable and sad at the same time. I hope the new owners get as much enjoyment from it as we did.

The single chair in the middle of the yard

I got my first pair of blue blocker reading glasses. I have my eye exam scheduled, but it’s not for 2 more weeks. I’m certain my prescription has changed. I usually get two pair of glasses and a pair of sunglass, to get me through the year. I hate having an eye exam. Panic attack trigger right there. I can hear it now, “Now one, or two. Two or three. Three or four?” Ugh I don’t know, can we do it again? I’ll second guess my answers for the next year, certain I messed up and my prescription is wrong.

2 weeks until I go back to work. I need to start conditioning myself. I can’t go from being practically immobile, to running right out of the gate. First step, no naps. I didn’t nap today. Of course I didn’t get up until 10am, which is something else I’m going to have to work on. I showered today and got fancied up. Holy shit that felt great.

Chuck and I went on an impromptu date. We had zero plans other than to hit Lowe’s and look at trees for our patio area. We looked around and found a few that we liked but we weren’t ready to pull the trigger. Trees are expensive and my husband needed a little coursing. I’m really good at that. I’ve been training for 20 years.

Looking for a little landscaped privacy

We left Lowe’s and decided to hit Dave and Busters. I can’t remember the last time we were there. I always go straight to those damn games with the dropping coins. You know the ones where if you get it just right, those 50 coins hanging on the edge are gonna fall off. It’s like gambling without the chance of winning real money. We spent $60 which is 1/3 of what we would have spent if we went to the casino. We had a blast. We got the kids a frisbee and a bracelet with our tickets because we aren’t total assholes.

This damn game
Tokens Tokens Tokens

Next stop was Flowerland. They have the most beautiful flowers and shrubs. I also know that that are quite a bit more expensive than other places. My plan was to prove that the trees at Lowe’s were a good deal. As we were walking down the isles it was becoming clear to Chuck that I was in fact right. We looked at the patio furniture just for fun. Our budget is more Walmart clearance but it felt good to pretend we could afford the good stuff.

My Goldilocks liked this chair

Now it was time to eat, Cantina for the win. We actually ate inside alone, no kids. It was so nice to enjoy each other without disruption. We talked about the upcoming week and the expectations that we both had. We talked about how nice it was to get out, and then it happened. He ordered a margarita. Boom, just like that I knew I was gonna get my trees. Now I didn’t roofy him or anything but I know once he starts drinking, I become irresistible.

That is the back view of a damn good man

So as he was walking around Lowe’s pushing 4 trees on a flatbed cart, I tried to push my luck with a ceiling fan. Apparently I wasn’t nearly as irresistible as I had originally thought, because I got vetoed on that one. Ya win some, and ya loose some.

I mean, it’s cute right?

Last but not least, we called the kids and asked what they wanted for dinner. A swing through McDonalds, and a stop at Little Caesars and we went home. My kids are conditioned to these types of days. They know that sometimes mom and dad come first. It’s vital to our marriage. It’s makes us better parents. Team building at its finest.

Marriage is hard and not always fun. It takes work, a lot of work. The reward of a life partner that adores, laughs, encourages and cry’s with you, is so worth it.

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