That time we had to name our puppy

1 year ago today. We finally settled on Bailey. Technically Bailey Boo if she’s signing any legal documents

I have a friend who has told me several times that a collection of my Facebook posts would make for a great book. When memories like this one from last year pop up I’m certain she may be on to something. I’ve never claimed to be the perfect parent. I am a real one. Through the good, the bad and the funny.

On the latest episode of this is my life….July 31, 2020.

Picture it, Chuck, Brogan and I sitting at the table eating pizza and having a discussion about new dog names. Addison is cooking herself eggs in the kitchen because she can’t just go with the flow and eat what’s for dinner. She’s quiet but listening to our ideas. We were throwing around options “Bella, Lucy, Spot, Lucky” and everything in between. Then suddenly from the kitchen, out of the mouth of my precious angel comes a suggestion….” What about douchebag?”

They’ve both grown so much this past year

Silence falls over the room. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. My mouth was full and I nearly died from aspiration. I instantly look to Chuck for some guidance because at that point I was speechless. Of course the look on his face shows that he is putting 100% of the blame on me. Yes, occasionally my mouth can be less than lady like but I’m almost 70% certain that did not come from me.

She definitely isn’t lacking personality. She fit right in immediately.

I let her finish making her dinner and while she was eating her and I had a talk about the word douchebag. Although it’s a slang term I gave her explicit details on what it technically is. I’m quite certain both kids will never say it again.

We a bit off, but we cool

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