Third week setback

It’s officially been 3 weeks since my hysterectomy. The first week sucked. I would have said don’t do it to anyone that asked. The second week I was getting out of my slump. I could actually do things. I’d do my hair and makeup, on occasion of course. I even played Betty Crocker one night with some fancy shrimp pasta concoction. Then the third week, this week I don’t know what the hell happened.

I googled the symptoms of a UTI. I have never had one, so I had no idea what the symptoms were. Ironically they are almost identical to post hysterectomy symptoms, go figure. Fatigue, pelvic pain, bladder spasms, short temper and easily irritated. Ok, I might have added a couple, but they are all definitely present. I shot a message though Mychart and got an almost instant reply. Labs ordered, you know the drill. Wipe from front to back, pee in the cup and then set it in the metal pass through.

I got a call yesterday afternoon which I thought was freakishly fast considering it had only been 2 hours since my Dixie cup donation. It was my surgeons office. My Doctor had fallen while on vacation and injured her eye, so we needed to do some scheduling changes. I am completely flexible right now so I switched my appointment this Friday to a PA instead. Don’t get me wrong I’m cool with seeing a PA for this follow up but I was assured my next one will be with the doc. I’m sure the PA can answer all of my questions about my newly designed vaginal cuff and exactly how that works.

Imagine my surprise when this morning my lab results came back and it isn’t a UTI. I was mentally prepared for some antibiotics and then magically back to feeling good. When I was talking to my new friend Theresa from the doctors office she asked me if I felt like my bladder was emptying all the way. I quickly assured her that I’m still traumatized from my catheter experiences and I’m not gonna check. She laughed and agreed that they will scan my bladder tomorrow when I’m there. That sounds more humane to me too. I’ve also started bleeding again. What in the hell? She assured me it’s normal but my inquiring mind wants to know if everything is gone where the hell is it coming from?

I’m not a great listener. I know I’ve been pushing the envelope. I’m strong headed, stubborn and have a pride issue. Now look where that got me. That got me a couple steps backwards and back to Netflix and naps. Sometimes I’m my worst enemy.

So here I sit, 4pm still in bed. No shower, no bra, no pants, no sign of a toothbrush being used. This shit is hard. Im sure it’s worth it, but damn. If I could just go back to feeling somewhat normal I’d be happy. I’m going to push myself to get up and shower. I promised this kid of mine some famous Holly tortellini for dinner last night, but I just couldn’t do it.

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