You’re the first person to ask me that question. Well of course I am…

This morning was my 3 week post op visit. I have been to 25 Michigan avenue enough to know my way around but today I gave that elevator a workout. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what floor it was on. I made a stop on level 2, nope. Level 4, again wrong. Finally level 6, BINGO.

Today’s hairstyle is brought to you by the word bobby-pins. Lots and lots of bobby-pins.

As the nurse and I were going over my most recent symptoms, I confirmed that we would just be scanning my bladder today. No catheter, no exam just a looksie to make sure all my innards are healing like they should be. The nurse agreed as long as the bladder scan looked good. I was 100% on board with that. I had the pleasure of peeing in the hat again, then she quickly scanned my bladder. Thank goodness the scan showed that it was adequately empty. No catheter for this girl today. It was at this point I was really regretting squeezing my ass into those jeans. Swelly belly is a real thing.

No more jeans for awhile. They were a bad choice today. I mean maybe if I was standing all day, but sitting was definitely a different story.

Ruby the PA was super sweet. She asked if I was driving yet. Shit, I’ve been driving for 2.5 weeks, but kept that info to myself. Masks in the doctors office hide my overly animated facial expressions thank goodness. Apparently as long as I am not having pain while pushing on the gas or the the brake I can drive. I did admit to her that I may have been overdoing it, and she agreed. She reminded me that it’s a 6 week recovery for a reason. Even though the exterior looks good the interior is far from healed and I’m not doing myself any favors by pushing the limits. She did clear me to start walking. I’ll start out with the small block and work my way up. Still no lifting or strenuous activity. So this brought me to the next question. Poor Ruby.

So there I am 1/2 laying, 1/2 sitting with my pants still un buttoned from the bladder scan and her exterior exam of the surgical sites. Not to mention the fact that if buttoned them I wouldn’t be able to breath. As a woman, modesty at this point is non existent. Ruby seemed pretty cool so I say, “Hey Ruby, I know there is a 6 week restriction for anything in the vagina, but am I cleared for exterior stimulation?” There was an awkward pause and she explained that I am the first person that has ever asked her that question. She did confirm that it was a great question but she didn’t know that answer. She didn’t see why not, but she would check with the Doctor and get back with me by the end of the day. I explained that there was no rush. She messaged MyChart not 30 minutes later. I mean seriously, it’s like saying here is a shinny new car that you can’t touch, drive or hardly look at. Although we might not be able to drive it yet, at least we can sit in it, program the radio, and get the seats and mirrors adjusted.

Let me save all my future hysterectomy gals from having to ask. Get it girl

Tomorrow morning I’m attending my very first writers workshop event. I’m a bit nervous, but very excited. I was instructed to bring my favorite writing device. I wonder if they are going to take me serious when I show up with my iPhone. I mean everyone starts somewhere right?

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