And that’s a wrap

#15 will always be my favorite player

The 2021 baseball season officially ended last night. This was a monumental year for us as a baseball family. We’ve watched our son play the game since he was in t-ball. Each year gaining value in himself, and growing athletically. Its a sport that is very unpredictable. It can be eventful and exciting, but also heartbreaking and disappointing.

Last night the team won both of their games. I dare say that it was one of Brogans best nights, on and off the field. You see, this season almost didn’t happen for us. He was burnt out, and I was tired of never having weekends because of tournaments. I hated weeknights being crazy because of practices or games. I was 100% selfish, and almost let him quit. Last year deflated him. He lost his love for the game, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. The mouth that I will just for the record state, I kept shut. It doesnt happen often but when it does, I feel like an award is necessary. As a mother watching the spark in your child’s eyes fade, and his confidence suffer is difficult. Mama bear wants to set in, but the older I get the more restrained and logical I am. At least that’s what I tell myself even if no one else agrees.

Apparently your ability to score different flavor seeds makes you the best mom ever

This year he played on a travel team that was coached by someone that had been apart of his little league allstar days. There was comfort in the familiarity. He didn’t see the kid that sat the majority of last season, or the kid that would have an anxiety attack every time he got up to bat. He saw the 14 year old kid that had always loved baseball. The one that can play so many positions when people ask what position he plays, I don’t even know what to say. He saw the kid that was striving to be better for himself and his team. He saw the kid that is always going to be harder on himself than any coach ever could be, so no reason to salt the wound. But best of all, he got to see that fire, that drive, he got to see him come alive again.

Last night in the car on the way home the conversation was plenty. I learned that as a batter you can be intentionally walked, and that when you are that batter you feel pretty bad ass. I heard several excited “Dad did you see ___”, and “wasn’t so and so’s catch amazing?” My boy was back. Now we will pack away the wagon, the chairs, the tent and the cooler. Just as we got into our game packing groove, its over.

I hope that I will always remember the magic of this season, the transformation that took place. They weren’t undefeated, shoot they probably lost more than they won. What’s funny is how none of that matters though. The only thing that matters is he’s already looking forward to next year.

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