What you see..

When you look at this picture, my guess is you see an old neglected play set. You aren’t wrong, but that’s not all I see. I see so much more.

It was 13 years ago and Brogan was just a toddler. We were definitely living on love. No extra money, and if I’m being honest, barely getting by. I remember when Chuck came home from work one night and said that a guy had offered him an old wooden swing set for $100. Even $100 at that time was a lot of money but it was also a really good deal. The only kicker is he’d have to dismantle and move it himself.

He would go to work all day, and then go dismantle the swing set, bolt by bolt, and board by board. He never complained about being tired, he never once complained about getting home late, he just kept plugging away until it was done. Bringing home a little bit of it every night.

Putting it together was of course a prime opportunity for a hit reality tv show. Anytime we put anything together there is always some sort of a temper tantrum. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s him. What’s important is when it’s done we can laugh about it. It might take a couple days, but it’ll happen.

That old wooden swing set has been a fort, a restaurant, a pirate ship, a flying race car, a ninja course and everything in between. There have been life long memories made with neighbor kids while swinging on those swings. Easter eggs hidden in all the nooks and crannies. So many laughs, secrets and firefly jars.

As the kids have gotten older it’s been home plate. Backyard baseball at its finest. It’s currently where Brogan and Chuck will pitch, and hit endless balls together. I’ve watched those balls barely make it to the deck, and now they fly over the roof.

Hey batter, batter

The kids are ready to take it down and I feel absolutely ridiculous, but when I look at it my heart swells. I might need to leave the day it’s taken down. It’s the perfect example of my life. It may not the prettiest from the outside. Its been through a lot. It’s been stained a few times, but the foundation is solid. My husband put so much time and love into it, so selflessly, just like he does me. It reminds me of how far we’ve come.

That ole swing set you see is so much more to me…

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