Thrift stores and boudoir

This morning I decided that I needed to wear real clothes. Real clothes for me is similar to business casual. I catch shit all the time, but that’s ok. I can pull off blazers with leather loafers like a boss. My goal is classy, yet hip. Somewhere in the middle of Talbots and Ann Taylor. Don’t get me wrong I’ll wear the shit out of both, but I’ll be snagging them at Goodwill. I love thrift stores. If I could make a living out of personal shopping at thrift stores I’d be all over it.

If you don’t know already I’m a boudoir fanatic. Seriously I did a shoot awhile back and can not recommend it enough. I even have an official title “Brand Ambassador.” That means I try like hell to make women realize that their body is beautiful and should be celebrated, no matter the shape or size. This Sunday my dear friends Emina and Monica have agreed to do a day long shoot for some friends of mine. Somewhat of a marathon if you will. My 22 year old daughter is going to be doing a session and I am over the moon excited for her. Looking for “boudoir shoes” is fun for me. I hit a thrift store today and had to take a picture of the bathroom cleaning check list, I just about died. I mean if cleaning bathrooms is what gets you rewarded in Heaven I’m screwed.

He who cleans the bathroom will be rewarded in heaven…Say what? I mean more power to them if this gets the employees scrub a dub dubbing, but I’m pretty sure that not how it works.
Tried to talk one of my friends into these for her upcoming shoot but she didn’t bite.

My patio is done finally. Many of you can remember the deck demo from a few months ago. Well our patio finally got poured last weekend. I hope we spend as much time out there as I had envisioned. I’ve been looking for patio furniture and holy smokes that stuff can be expensive. With me not working the next month and a half that means no paycheck. We will be fine but I’ve got to rein it in a little. So $1500.00 for a nice set is not practical, but $110.00 is a steal. I bought a brand new 4 piece set off of a fb page. I believe the gist of it is they somehow buy returns and extras from Target, Overstock, Wayfair and re sell them. The kicker is you have to be fast, lightening fast. One good thing about laying around all day is I can be available and fast when a post goes up. I bought the set and picked it up today. The nice guy loaded it for me. I was real skeptical that 2 chairs, a loveseat and a table were in this box but who was I to question?

I’m gonna take your word for it dude, but that’s a lot to fit in one box.

I sweet talked Chuck into putting it together tonight, It is definitely the Sauder furniture cabinets evil step sister. No shit, it’s almost comical. Piece A and B, then C held together with a washer and screw. I’ll let the kids sit in it but would probably deter a grown adult from getting comfortable. I guess once Chuck goes to the hardware store and gets more washers and screws to finish putting it together we will know for sure. I’ll share pictures when it’s done, I promise.

I mean they look alright from a distance.

I domesticated my ass and made homemade Reuben paninis for dinner. Frozen brisket, 90min in the instapot and viola. Seriously I’m not sure if I love the air fryer or the instapot more. I’d say they both get equal use at my house. The only reason my oven even gets turned on is to make bran muffins. Which reminds me I need to do tomorrow.

The reuben’s slapped or so I was told by my 14 year old

Season 3 of Virgin River is out on Netflix. I’m watching it because I’m out of shows. I’ve blown through 4 or 5 already. I need something funny. I don’t do suspense, like not at all. Romantic comedy, quirky, feel good that’s what I need. Whatcha got for me?

I woke up from my 3 hour nap and the kids had cleaned like I asked. Apparently Addison thought my abdominal binder was a table runner. They keep me laughing that’s for sure.

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  1. I’m watching virgin river as I type this. I assume you have watched Gilmore girls. I also liked Hart of Dixie, the good witch, bridgerton, wild at heart. Hope you haven’t seen them all!


    1. Joy we must have good taste. I loved Heart of Dixie and The Good Witch. I’ll check out the other ones. Thanks so much.


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