Hampton Highlights

Chuck took Friday off so that we could head over to Ypsilanti for a baseball tournament. The drive over was horrid. Pouring rain with very little visibility. I don’t know how he did it, because there’s no way in hell I could have made that drive by myself. If a white knuckled passenger was a thing it would have been me.

I’m a shitty passenger anyway but this rain definitely was not helping to make me a better person.

The weather didn’t get any better the closer we got. As soon as the first delay email came out I detoured us to IKEA. It’s been forever since I was in an IKEA, and I just knew that there were things I needed. Come to find out, there were some fake plants, throw pillows, candles and random kitchen gadgets that I did, indeed need. The boys were great sports, and didn’t complain more than a couple of times. We made our way back to the car and grabbed a couple of sandwiches out of the cooler. Yes, I made sandwiches and packed a cooler. Apparently it’s what sports moms do. As we were sitting in the car eating and waiting for the next game correspondence email, Chuck suddenly got out of the car. What in the hell was he doing? My God it was pouring rain out. Then I saw him. He was slowly walking around a woman’s car that was parked across from us. I was too busy to notice her struggling, but he noticed. Then I watched him help her load her car, in the pouring rain with her IKEA haul that frankly was a bit more than she could handle. I’m all about gender equality, but girl was in way over her head. Suddenly from the peanut gallery I hear, “Dang, Dad is so nice, mom you really got lucky”. I laughed and he quickly recovered with a, “I mean Dads really lucky too”. When Chuck got back to the car he confirmed that he saw her struggling, so he went to help. He did however remember the multiple conversations that he and I have had about how to approach a single woman. His heart is always in the right place, but he has learned that he needs to verbally offer help and have it be accepted before jumping in. It’s weird and a bit creepy if not done right.

My right hand man.
My knight in shining armor

The weather never let up so the baseball game went from delayed to cancelled. You know what that meant? Nap time. Damn I wish I didn’t love naps so much but they just complete me. There is nothing like dropping your drawers and crawling into a nice comfy bed. I think I could nap all day, everyday, if I didn’t have this adulting gig that I’m just killing right now.

Thank you Hampton Inn for an epic nap.
He posed with me but he’s not a napper. He does however respect the nap and that’s what matters.

The boys were going to go to the Tigers game last night so I googled the nearest Marshall’s and went on my merry way. Unfortunately for them the game got cancelled. Lucky for me I was already through the shoe department and into the clothes by the time they found out. They went to dinner with the team and I got some shopping therapy. I’m a firm believer in therapy, conventional and unconventional.

When you outgrow your Crocs but your moms got your back.
I’m really trying to cut back on unnecessary spending. Being off work for the next 6 weeks means no paycheck. I’ve decided that I’m really going to kick it in gear next week.
Yes I love clothes, shoes and bags. I don’t pay full price for anything though. I get an endorphin rush from a good deal. Tjmaxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, Burlington and Goodwill are a few of my favorites.

We finally got to play baseball today. The highlight of the day was having Aunt Anne Marie and Joe there to watch despite the flooded roads, and detours. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we’ve been able to see them. I’m not good at keeping track of Covid time, I just know it’s been way too long.

Aunt Anne Marie and Brogan
Siri, where is the closest car wash?

We lost the first game and won the second. One thing is for sure, the red clay is not a joke. The fact that I even let him sit in my car is worth some sort of parenting award. Nothing short of a pressure washer was gonna help this. I think Chuck had a little too much fun spraying those puppies down. One more game tomorrow. These weekends go by so fast.

All men are really just big boys

Last but not least, our team text conversation. I wish y’all could have seen my husbands face when I had him Google Netflix and Chill. Can’t you just heat him saying, “Oh my God Jennifer you did not!” Hell yea I did.

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