Feisty and Freaking Funny

Do you ever have those mornings where you just know you’re gonna be feisty? Not pissy and angry, but feisty. I had one of those this morning and I continued to entertain myself all day. I’m quite sure no one in world finds me as funny as I find myself. I’d totally be friends with me just for the entertainment factor.

I miss you too 😘

Right off the bat I got a call from Sam. Sam is the excavator that is going to be doing the prep for the new patio. As of 8:30 this morning I had never met him. I don’t normally answer random number calls but this one appeared to be localish, and my caffeine hadn’t fully kicked in yet. Sam told me he’d swing by around noon to take a look at the space and asked my if I could text him my address. As you can see by our text conversation, I had another lack of filter moment. Thank goodness when Sam showed up he had a good sense of humor because that could have been hella awkward.

It’s no secret I really do hate pants

Our lawn mower is in the shop. It’s been there for a week and my yard is getting a wee bit outta control. While I was killing time waiting to pick Brogan up from football this morning, I got a bit creative. I’m actually very impressed with my free handed goat. I thought I’d let my neighbors now that we aren’t just lazy. There’s an actual reason our yard is more than likely breaking every HOA rule. Again I thought it was funny as hell.

That goat though..

Unfortunately my art project distracted me from keeping an eye on the time. At 8:55 I quickly gathered my stuff and headed out. At 8:59 I got a phone call from Brogan, “Where you at, you’re late” I can’t remember my exact response, but it was something like, first of all little dude, I ain’t late yet, and second do not come at me like that. I decided to do what any other irrational borderline psychotic mother would do, as I pulled in I rolled down the windows, adjusted the bass, and busted my old ass out some “Apple Bottom Jeans with the fur, had the whole club looking at her”🎶. Damn, I wish I would have gotten a picture of his face. He learned that his momma ain’t playin. I warned him next time I’d wear some jammies and dance.

She got low, low, low, low

Today was the first time in my relationship with Costco that I actually only got what was on my list. With the exception of flowers for a friend, but that doesn’t count. Ibuprofen, Uncrustables, and a case of Body armor drinks. In and out of there. Now of course I also had to go to GFS, Meijer and Sams club. I could walk around Sams club for hours. It’s never as busy as Costco, and I mean who doesn’t need an Orgasm shade lip balm. Apparently I don’t, because I couldn’t pull the $24 trigger no matter how good it sounded.

I’m intrigued

I got caught in a rain storm that I didn’t see coming. Nothing like a fast walk as it’s pouring rain because there’s no way in hell I was gonna run. First it ain’t pretty, and second the flip flops I had on today were not prepared for that. Glad I spent time on my hair this morning. Drown rat may be the next runway look. You saw it here first.

I had my last doctors office visit before my surgery this afternoon, 7 days and counting. I got to talk about risks, complications, Foley catheters, and constipation. Oh and how can I forget, nothing absolutely nothing in the vagina for 6 weeks….Of course I clarified that on the outside was ok, just inside was off limits. Those of you that don’t know me are thinking, oh no she didn’t, but those of you that do know me are saying, oh yes she did. Sweet baby Jesus I’ve gotta keep my eyes on the prize.

Never gotta do that shit again. Retire those stirrups and cranker open thingy.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. We are headed to another ball tournament. I wonder if I can talk my dog sitter into doing my laundry again. It never hurts to ask.

Hugs, laughs and love.

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