Manic Monday

Chuck has be in early the next couple of days which puts me on transportation duty. Brogan has to be at football practice at 7am. That is right in the middle of my morning routine. We all know how minor inconveniences really throw me off. As we were getting ready to leave, I looked up and he was wearing a long sleeve shirt. Apparently he doesn’t have any short sleeve shirts clean. My only response was “bummer dude”. I stopped doing the kids laundry about 2 months ago. I’m actually quite proud of myself for sticking with it. I was so tired of rewashing clean clothes or clothes that I knew damn well they hadn’t worn. Some weeks I’m even get petty enough to separate out their pieces that get thrown in our basket. I’m building character, not raising dependent humans.

6:53am on a Monday morning and not adequately caffeinated
Not touching it with a ten foot pole

Today was a dark and dreary day. My normal cocktail of morning meds was increased to include 800mg IBP and 500mg Tyl because my uterus has decided that it’s having one hell of a last hurrah. Knowing this is the last month that I’ll feel this crummy is bittersweet.

Hit me with your best shot

I did go get my eye brows treaded after work today. If you haven’t experienced that you’re really missing out. Why wax, when you can have each individual hair ripped out with a piece of thread? I must say I kid about how bad it hurts but they look amazing and it seems to last a lot longer than plucking or waxing for me. Plus, I’ve almost got a full punchcard, can’t stop now.

On fleek

Dinner was Kraft Mac and cheese. I haven’t had it in forever. I remember it being a lot better than it was tonight, but I was too tired to think about making anything else. Chuck had leftovers from Father’s Day and the kids apparently went to the Olive Garden with my mom for lunch. She is my savior when it comes to getting the kids where they have to be while we work. Of course today’s dentist appointment got a little messy but it all worked out.

Only my mother 🤦‍♀️😂

“Mom why are you eating out of a measuring cup?” Because the dishwasher didn’t get unloaded and I wanted some fluff. They looked at me amused but I think they admired my level of commitment to not doing their chores. So here is sit, eating my fluff, with a fork, out of a measuring cup… Tomorrow will be better.

Pistachio fluff for the win

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