Soggy Saturday

We had another baseball tournament this weekend. This time it was only 45 minutes away in Grand Ledge. Chuck and I got up early and headed to get the kids donuts and us some coffee creamer. Being out of coffee creamer has got to be equivalent to being out of toilet paper. Life altering, and sets the tone for the whole damn day. We had a laid back morning and were out the door by 10am. Addie stayed back with Nana thank goodness, because she would have been miserable. We left at 10 and got home at 8:30.

We got to the field early only to find out there was a rain delay. I played about 100 games of solitaire on my phone. Scheduled my Covid test, which is apparently a requirement for surgery now, and I learned that my husband is learning Spanish. It took me a few times of random Hola’s, and Por favors before I asked what the hell he was doing. He wears those damn AirPods so 1/2 the time I have no idea what he’s doing or who he’s talking to.

Chuck trying be all bilingual and shit

We played 2 games today. We won the first but lost the second. I can honestly say the canopy may be the best investment we’ve made for baseball. Last weekend it protected us from the sun, and this weekend it was the rain. I also learned that I don’t want to be friends with the baseball moms of the opposing team. Holy shit were they were fierce. I got a few good laughs though.

So thankful for the canopy

After the games we took Brogan out for dinner. He loves Alfredo so we found an Italian restaurant in Grand Ledge. It was so nice to sit out on the patio and just enjoy him. One on one time isn’t something that happens as often as it should. I caught a glimpse of his side profile and I would have swore it was Patrick Mahomes. They think I’m nuts, but I totally see a resemblance.

Distant cousin?
This man is working all the time
Dinner conversation was mainly lessons in etiquette from watching other people. We talked about not having his phone out on dates but that he needs to have his momma programmed to get through that do not disturb option. He’s not sold on that but I’ve got a little time yet

On the way home, we re routed through Freeport. I haven’t driven by the house I grew up in for at least 4 years, if not more. As we were driving the back roads tons of memories came flooding back. So many endless nights driving backroads and listening to the radio. There was no GPS back then but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, we thought we held the world in palms of our hands and that our friendships would last forever. Unfortunately we were wrong, and everything changes. I didn’t even recognize the house. It’s been repainted, the driveway has been moved and there is a white picket fence. I’ll be forever grateful for every memory that house gave me.

Tonight I have a strong urge for land. I want to walk outside and not worry about what I’m wearing, or not wearing. I want to look out my window and see nothing but fields. I want to count deer on my way home. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be fine, but tonight I’m just that girl from Freeport that misses home.

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