Friday Recap

Med check

Friday morning started with a 10am doctors appointment. I’m not sick, I’m just monitored. It’s never been a secret that I struggle with anxiety and depression. I’m a vocal advocate for mental health awareness. My prescriptions do not by any means define me, they do however refine me. My doctor is pretty much the shit. As a matter of fact I thought I had mentioned him before in a blog post but looking back it was a fb post. The good news is adjusting medications, discovering self love, and reducing stress has officially bumped me down to being considered “mild”. The bad news is my next scheduled appointment with him is March. I think we both know damn well I’ll see him sometime mid fall because that’s how this roller coaster rides.

Fb post from 2019

The kids are home on summer vacation now. That means my Thursday and Fridays now look a little different. Not to worry, my naps are still factored in, and my kids 100% respect the nap. Fathers day is Sunday so yesterday was spent shopping for Chuck. I’m very excited about the things we found. They are all pretty practical yet fun. Of course he always says “all I want is my family”, but my love language is gifts, so he’s gonna have to deal with it. Funny he didn’t balk at the Tomahawk steak I got him for Sunday’s dinner. Sweet lord this thing is ridiculous. I don’t even know if it’s gonna fit on the grill.

Off to do some shopping

The kids and I got home from shopping and I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, ordered a new bark collar for Bailey (she apparently chewed her other one) and made a list for the kids to do. I kissed them both and went to take my nap. I woke up an hour or two later and came out into the living room. The house was spotless. Which looking back should have been my first clue. Brogan looked at me with his big eyes and said “Mom, go put some pants on, I’ve got to show you something outside. I’ve already ordered a fix on Amazon, I’m so sorry”. I went and put some clothes on and we headed outside. He started to walk toward my car and then he stopped. He started with “I was playing basketball, and the ball bounced of your hood. Mom I’m so sorry, I already bought some suction thing off Amazon for $25 to fix it”. Then I hear Addie from behind, “yeah mom, we’re really sorry. We tried boiling water and a plunger but it didn’t work”. At this point I’m trying not to laugh at the thought of them out in the drive way trying to plunge my hood. I assured them that it’s ok and that I wasn’t mad. I’m pretty sure the last to hours of sheer panic was enough punishment for the day.

If anyone has pictures of my kids plunging my hood I’ll pay top dollar

Chuck got home and we ran out to my meat dealers house to pick up his Tomahawk steak. I got some sizzlers for us average folks and some more burgers. Seriously if you’re local this is the place to go. We love the Goble’s and we don’t get our beef anywhere else.

Later he tried to place a bet waging his dads steak against a home run in today’s tournament.

One of Chucks projects before my surgery is to replace our toilet. It’s 20 years old and sits about 2 inches off the ground. I’m convinced it’s one step up from the ones in the back of the kindergarten classroom. So in true Friday night fashion we headed to Home Depot. There was one toilet in the size we needed, just one. We both verbalized how much we despised our builder and decided we’d check Menards later. We decided to order Qdoba online from the parking lot and had 30 minutes to kill so we headed to Meijer for some ice cream.

“Date night” aka Home Depot

Now I’m pretty predictable, something chocolate is a safe bet. I grabbed a low carb chocolate because that’s gonna matter when I scarf down those qdoba chips. Chuck grabbed a meijer brand cherry chocolate. It didn’t look appealing, but maybe that was his plan. As we were walking down the isle I spotted a Hudsonville Traverse City Cherry that looked way better. I pointed it out and he reluctantly switched it. I could tell by the man pout he was sporting that he really wanted the first one. I told him to put it back and go grab the other one. Of course he says “no, it’s fine” which I know it’s not so we turn the corner and on the end freezer is his nasty ass Meijer Cherry one. I stop and explain that this is a sign. He was still being pretty stubborn and Meijer was busy. I warned him…I told him “switch it or I’m gonna put on a show”. He smirked, almost as if he didn’t believe me. I looked him dead in the eye and softly counted 1,2,3. Then I did it. I let out an Oscar nomination worthy OW. He was stunned stiff for a second or two before he ran around the corner. We both laughed so damn hard.

Thank God he thinks I’m as funny as I think I am

Today is another travel ball tournament. This time in Grand Ledge. The radar shows rain but we will see. Happy Saturday!

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  1. I love it, Date Night at the Home Depot.

    I am a new passenger on the mental health train ever since I lost my job 16 months ago. My doctors put me on an increasing amount of zoloft. And that has helped. But one day last summer my pharmacist called and said they are out of Zoloft and that it may be sometime before they get it back in again. Knowing what I know about Zoloft is you just can’t stop it cold turkey. So I paused on the phone and then sternly said to the pharmacist “you know this doesn’t make me very happy!” Hope your weekend is a good one

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