Travel Baseball

I wasn’t a sporty kid. Unless you count golf in high school, and honestly I wouldn’t. My husband however played everything. His kids were destined to be athletic. I always joke and say they got their looks and street smarts from me, and their natural athletic abilities from Chuck. With all this being said I’m not a good sports mom. I’m not proud of this, just being honest. I can fake it if the games are at the right time, in the right weather, and at a field with nice bathrooms. If any of those things are not ideal, I have the tendency to suck.

Spray and wash has met it’s match

It goes way back to Morgan playing soccer so 15+years ago. Who knew a snack schedule was a thing? I sure didn’t. Even better there are actually snack suggestions and none of those suggestions were things my kid would eat. Now if I could have thrown a bag of Doritos or a Rice Krispie treat at them it would have been easy. Early on I sucked it up and bought the bananas, apples and oranges. It was a good time to start teaching the art of faking appreciation for things you don’t like and saying thank you with a smile.

Sitting shotgun doing some online shopping. I’m kind of digging this mom skort I got yesterday so I am gonna snag 2 more. Problem is, there’s a couple
different options and I can’t remember what brand it is. So I give myself a weak weggie and sit forward, “Brogan, what brand are these?” Disgusted he leans forward and reply’s “88% polyester”
Yeah…thanks dude 🤦‍♀️😂

As I get older the less of a filter I have. I remember a year or two ago Addison was in softball and there was a snack sign up sheet email that went around. Honestly I can’t remember things for my own kids these days, I sure as hell didn’t want to be held responsible for remembering snacks for the whole team. Before I knew it I had sent a reply all email saying something like, at this age can we all just be responsible for our own kids? The assistant coaches wife was the sign up sheet volunteer, so I got vetoed. I did get a lot of “atta boys” from several other parents though, so I knew I wasn’t alone in this mindset. I was past the healthy snack rule follower phase, so I grabbed some Rice Krispie treats and fruit snacks and kept them in my van so when it was my turn I’d be prepared. We don’t play softball anymore, so there that.

Brogan loves football. It’s his passion. He plays baseball to pass the time. We’ve been on 3 different travel teams and I can say without a doubt that they are not all created equal. Last year he decided he was done. Done playing the game he’s played since the coaches put the baseballs on the tee for him. He was deflated and unfortunately it wasn’t a great fit for us. This year he decided to give a new team a go because he had friends on the team. Baseball still isn’t his first choice, it probably never will be, but he’s enjoying himself again and having fun. This is a great team with great families.

My mantra on long car rides

This weekend was our first out of state tournament. I don’t tag along on these usually. This year I know I’m going to miss a fair amount of games after my hysterectomy , so I’m trying to cram in as many as I can. Not sure the boys care if I go again. I think there’s a different vibe when mom comes. The good news is it was 100 degrees and muggy as hell out so I picked the perfect weekend. I’m not a nice hot person. I don’t like to sweat. I turn into someone I don’t even like. There’s not enough water, pistachios, or brownie brittle to keep me happy when I’m melting.

Here’s to being 40 minutes from home and the best dog sitter in the world already did all the laundry I had to do at home. Just like that the weekends over.

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