A day in the life of me

When I first started this blog I got a lot of questions about what the content would be. I honestly had no idea, shit I still don’t. I do know that there is a lot of humor in my daily grind. Let’s start with today for example.

On Thursday mornings I have to get Brogan to the high school at 7am and head back to get him at 9. For 2 hours he and a bunch of prepubescent boys work their asses off getting ready for football season. The 7am me definitely isn’t ready to put my best foot forward, but I suck it up. Dirty hair, messy bun, coffee breath, I don’t care we are out the door. As I’m driving by all of the other selfless parents at the drop off I feel slight guilt that my next stop is right back home to drink more coffee and catch up on Facebook. Before I know it it’s 9am. I still haven’t showered but I did brush my teeth so there’s that. As we were sitting in line waiting to pull out of the driveway I realize the suburban mom in front of us has penises drawn on her car. Such a simple act made me laugh multiple times today.

Today felt like a great day to do some unconventional cleaning. I washed the curtains. I didn’t dust up there or anything above taking the curtains down, washing them, and hanging them back up, but it still gets honorable mention for effort. While I was on this kick, I steam cleaned the carpets, cleaned my car out, and we washed the dog. It is damn hot here so the yard work had to wait until tonight. My front yard is looking amazing. My back yard is a different story.

I was able to get a nap in before I took the kids to their eye doctor appointment. They are at least a year overdue. Both have had glasses in the past and surprisingly lost them. I’m not sure if it’s just my kids or not but I swear every time we are in an exam room waiting for a doctor they fart. They laugh and think it’s funny as hell, and I panic knowing that any second the doctor will walk in. My kids are cool most of the time. Today wasn’t one of those times.

Tonight Chuck and I were sitting on the couch and there was a discussion amongst the kids about their friends. Chuck made a comment to the effect of, tell me what it’s like to have friends. I looked at him with my big brown eyes and reminded him that I’m his friend. He half assy retracted his statement claiming that I have a lot of girlfriends and that the things I discuss with them is different than what I discuss with him. I assured him that he is wrong. I tell him all sorts of things he has zero interest in knowing. I also reminded him that our friendship is better than all the rest because 15 years ago he took a picture of my hemorrhoid so I could see it. My pregnancy with Brogan brought us to a whole new level of intimacy. I’m sure after my visual reminder he is wishing more now than ever that he had a tight group of guy friends.

Loud and clear Addie 😂

Tomorrow morning I get my hair done, which is something I always look forward to. It’s so nice when your friend does hair and comes to your house. She doesn’t care that the 9am time means a messy house and possible dragon breathe. I mean that’s what friends are for right?

Much love and laughter 💕

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