Jen, what do I wear to my Boudoir shoot?

I am embarking on a new journey as Brand Ambassador for Mina’s Photo/Boudoir. To say I am excited is an understatement. The older I get the more comfortable I am in my body, and my vocal beliefs of what’s healthy and what’s not. I believe that all women any age, shape, or size, deserve the opportunity to celebrate their bodies. I have been connected by the universe, to two women that feel the same way.

Mina is the goddess of photography. I’m not kidding you. Her visionary skills take something that may feel ordinary, to a new level of extraordinary. Monica’s makeup skills are something I wish were contagious. I’d lick her face if I thought I’d have a chance to catch that shit. They are 2 powerhouses, but when you put them together for a shoot, holy shit Batman, magic happens. They work so well together posing, primping and encouraging your inner diva to be released, that the energy has no other choice but to radiate through the air.

The most asked question I’ve gotten is “what should I wear to my boudoir shoot”? Well that answer is easy. Anything you want. Seriously this is the part that I over thank. I have collected so much lingerie that I actually had to have a “like it, love it, donate it” fashion show with my husband. Pretty sure he didn’t hate it as much as he does my normal, “look what I got at Goodwill fashion shows.” The honest truth is that I would have been just as happy in a new bra and panty set. Some of my favorite photos actually are all skin and a pair of black heals that I scored at Salvation Army. One of my husbands favorites is me in his shirt and a tie. Basic, simple and absolutely perfect.

My suggestion is if you’re not normally a whips and chains girl don’t go all S&M because you won’t be comfortable. It’s also extremely important to be honest with your photographer about what you want and what you don’t. Focus on the things you love about yourself, don’t dwell on the things you don’t. It’s mind blowing how sexy a white sheet is on bare skin. Simple, yet incredibly sensual.

Ladies please erase the pre programed thought that boudoir is something that is taboo. Now I’m by no means saying go to my extreme with being open and sharing your photos. If it’s something that you feel is private between you and your significant other, that is fantastic. As long as your shoot made you feel amazing and gave you a glimpse at yourself that you’ve never seen, my mission has been accomplished.

“Jen, doesn’t your husband get upset with you sharing your Boudoir photos?” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shared a lot but there are definitely photos that we’ve agreed are for his eyes only. This shoot started out as a gift for him and truly turned out to be the best gift I’ve given myself. He also isn’t new to the roll of my husband. He knows my natural level of honesty and sharing things that others might not feel appropriate. He also knows that body positivity is important. Important for his wife and important for his daughters. My kids have seen the same pictures that I’ve publicly shared. Our bodies are not meant to be views as shameful. Boudoir is the perfect way to break the stigma. So the short answer is no he isn’t upset, he’s proud as hell.

Impacting the world one amazing daughter at a time
He ain’t mad😉

Much love and celebration ladies.

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