Weekend Recap

Mom, you should probably turn down your music. There are little kids outside.

We started the weekend on Saturday morning with Addison’s Girls on the run 5K. She’s always been an athletic kid but I wouldn’t say she’s ever indicated that she enjoys running. I was surprised, but supportive in her new hobby. The morning of the race I woke her up. She was whining to me about how she didn’t want to go. As a matter of fact she actually went as far as to tell me “Mom, you don’t understand! These girls actually run when they get home from school. I come home and eat while I watch my phone!” Yet somehow she was the first one across the finish line. Talk about the perfect 50/50 mix between Chuck and I. My love of food and humor, and his athletic abilities. There’s no doubt this kid has some serious determination.

She ran so hard
Getting those stretches in

After the 5k, we had a Graduation Open House to attend. One of our good friends daughter graduated this year. It was the first time since Covid that we could gather and see people that we have missed terribly. It’s amazing how much I missed my humans. I am incredibly blessed with the best friends on the planet.

Some of my very favorite people

We finished painting the deck. Let me just say that the Behr Deck Over paint was equivalent of painting with pudding. The heat didn’t help I’m sure, but we could hardly keep up before it dried. I am happy with the outcome because it will buy us some time but for any other purpose I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Also make sure you wear shoes or you may need a redneck pedicure (5 gallon bucket and a scouring pad).

And we are done
Not quite as relaxing as my last pedicure
This guy though…

So sometimes, just like with kids I get a bit overwhelmed with my room. My clothes just multiply on my dresser until the piles can no longer support the weight. This morning my amazing husband decided to help me out. I was drinking my coffee and we were just chatting as he was separating my piles. Suddenly he takes attention to things with tags. He NEVER pays attention to tags or what I bring in the house. His remarks mimic something like, thought you were gonna cut back and what happened to your budget? Of course I’m pretty sure his recent conversation with Anna at the open house yesterday probably opened the flood gates on this conversation. I am belly laughing because he is so animated. He comes to the end and picks up an empty TJ maxx bag. I plead my case with a “I can’t even remember the last time I was at TJ maxx.” He pulls out a damn receipt and says “looks like May 31st”. I swear to God our reality show would be a hit.

Why do I let it get so bad?
Receipts are such a rookie mistake

Brogans trampoline finally came. We ordered it in April knowing it would be at least a few weeks. Didn’t plan on 6, but it’s here now. I’m not sure if you’ve ever put something together with nothing more than a vague instruction booklet with your significant other but it’s a good time. The good news is it’s up and we are talking again.

I’m sorry what?

With the kids home for the summer we had to stock up on groceries today. The cashier at Aldi thought we were adorable. By the time we got to Meijer I can assure you that there was nothing cute about me. The good news is we powered through and got it done. I also meal prepped for the week. These containers are from Meijer and are hands down the best ones we’ve tried. Have a wonderful week my friends.

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