Things that made me smile today.

My favorite coffee cup

Some days are better than others, that’s a proven fact. Usually there is no rhyme or reason. Nothing earth shattering. Shit, in all honesty being out of creamer for my coffee can set the tone for the entire day. Lame, absolutely lame. Not proud of it, just being honest.

I’ve had labs ordered for almost 2 months. I am not afraid of needles and don’t pass out at the sight of blood. The honest to God truth is that they are fasting labs. It’s not the no food aspect, it’s the no creamer in my coffee part that terrifies me. This morning I decided to put my big girl pants on and go have them done. 2 orders from 2 different doctors and I was home drinking my hi coffee by 7:45.

It was a no makeup while wearing my husbands hat kind of day

My mom just got back from a road trip so she came over to “shoot the shit” that’s we call it. You know where you drink coffee and talk about everyone and everything. It’s glorious. We decided to head out to a greenhouse to pick up a few flowers. I’m a bit overboard and extra so a trip like this without Chuck can go south real fast. Today however I did fantastic and stayed within my budget. His budget was a bit lower than mine but there’s always a little wiggle room.

He makes me laugh everyday

I got home and decided to start sanding the deck. The deck has been a hell of a sweat equity project. Every weekend for over a month we’ve worked on it. Originally we had big plans until we realized the price of lumber would put our poured patio out another year. We decided to recycle what we could of our 20 year old deck. I have to say I’m pretty damn proud of our skills. There’s a shit ton of wood putty, but Chuck promises me this fancy deck over paint from Home Depot is going to hide it all. I’ll keep you posted.

Before the revamp
Current situation. We downsized and reconfigured to include a poured patio.
Could have used a few more of these big wood putty containers

As if sanding the entire deck wasn’t enough I really wanted to get my new flowers in the ground. I remember growing up and never understanding how my mom could enjoy working in her flower beds. The thought of weeding was ridiculous and I could think of 100 other things I would have done. Now here we are, I love my flowers and I love working in my yard. Funny how things change.

My grandmas water pump 💕
I finally got a lilac bush. I am so excited!
They are starting to come alive. Soon this berm will be bursting with yellow and purple flowers

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids. My last solo Friday before they are home all summer. It’s bitter sweet. I have to be honest I’m pretty sure Addie has bombed the last 3 weeks spelling tests because we were just done. Done trying to jam everything in. Done getting home at 8pm from Brogans baseball games, trying to orchestrate anything other than showers and bed wasn’t happening. We definitely are not in the running for parents of the year.

My surgery is scheduled for July 1. That leaves us less than a month to get some things done around here. One of my newest projects is a bathroom update. Yes, I enjoy moving onto new projects before the current ones are finished. It’s another winning character trait, minimal attention span.

I’m really leaning with #4
Oh yeah, nobody did this either?!? Any suggestions for not electrocuting myself are appreciated

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