Let go of the shit that makes you feel small.

We all have something, a kryptonite sort of speak. It can be a friend, a coworker, even a family member. There is usually someone that you will let treat you like less than, because you love them. You will make excuses in your mind as to why it’s ok. Maybe you’ll drop hints to them about the hurt it causes or maybe you’ll somehow find a way to justify it. My best friend hit the nail on the head this morning when she called it “getting mind fucked”. Stand up, dust off and let that shit go.

I’m learning a lot about myself right now. First of all self discovery is hard. Like really hard. No one wants to stare at themselves in a 10x magnifying mirror any longer than necessary. Unfortunately that’s what needs to happen. Forgiveness for those that didn’t apologize, needs to be given. The weight on your shoulders that you don’t even realize you’re carrying needs to be lifted. You need to learn to be your biggest fan and set boundaries for those that don’t reciprocate your energy.

You are worth so much more. Turn on your favorite music, let off the stream, and then clean yourself up and remind yourself who’s in charge. Go show the world you’re back.

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