Hallmark and Puzzles

Just once a week. If I could just get myself to sit down and blog once a week I’d be happy. It’s not for lack of content. There is always something going on that either makes me laugh or gives me serious WTF vibes. Honestly it’s just not prioritizing correctly. I’m gonna add that to the top of the good ole resolution list.

We are in full holiday mode over here. Our tree is up, the house is decorated, my front porch looks cute and I’ve got those Gordon Foods sugar cookies in the freezer. We are ready.

It’s a bit weird that this is the first year I’ve already got the presents wrapped and under the tree. I have to say I am not going to miss waiting until the kids fell asleep to tiptoe out all the gifts. Trying to be quiet while bustling out loads from the closet. Talk about anxiety overload. Toward the end I’d go to bed and Chuck would do it all.

I love Hallmark movies. Yes I will snicker and probably verbalize how ridiculous a scene or two is but I love them. I’ll take mindless love stories with feel good endings all day long. I think Hallmark should open a resort town. I would pay big bucks to stay in a cute little bed and breakfast that sits on the out skirts of town square. We could head into town just in time for the holiday festival. We would sip hot cocoa and watch as they judge gingerbread houses. Yup, maybe too many Hallmark movies….

Right now we switched up our entertainment source to a puzzle. Yes I bought a puzzle. I don’t know what in the hell I was thinking but Hobby Lobby just does things to me. I picked out a holiday oversized puzzle. I had assumed the pieces were oversized. Nope, the 1000 piece puzzle is oversized. It is a nice change of pace. I’m hoping to have it done by next week. I kind of miss eating at the table.

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  1. I love the Gordon Foods Christmas cookies. So much less stressful than making them. It is nice when they get older and you don’t have to wait to wrap presents and put them under the tree. Santa is magical but sleep is good too.

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