Flooring and Recycling

The bathroom is on hold until my flooring comes in. I bought it online without seeing it which makes me a bit nervous but frankly I’m over making decisions. Who would have thought a toilet would be so hard to pick out? I always thought they were basically the same. Nope, there different rough in sizes, different heights, different shapes, different colors and different tank designs. It’s a damn toilet, not a couch. The good news is that we need a 10in rough in, at chair height so that narrows it down to like 4 options.

Home Depot has a see it in your room option, sold.

I decided that instead of taking some time off this weekend I would lay flooring in my pantry. The pantry has been done for a year or so and we never finished the floor. Eventually we are going to be replacing the whole main floor so it seemed logical to wait. Well we all know how well I wait. I figured I’d get some cute peel and stick tiles. I can’t recall how many times I said “this is bullshit!” during install. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say at least a dozen.

Before, why do we have 5 jars of open peanut butter?!?!

I wanted to do this project solo because sometimes I need to feel like a badass. This was the wrong project. The damn floor tiles have hardly any adhesive on them which means as soon as I would get them lined up they would slip all over. I read the damn box again. It clearly stated easy peel and stick. Junk complete junk. I however didn’t stop at the first row, I continued because I’m a glutton for punishment. It looks nice from a distance and that’s about it. The second box is going back to Menards.

After…Don’t look close

I also cleaned the laundry room. That was mortifying. There were piles of lint and 6 empty detergent bottles. Not the little bottles, the Costco size bottles. That has bugged me every time I’d do laundry. Yet I never took the time to rinse them out and throw them into recycling.

It’s funny how things so within your control irritate you, yet you do nothing about it. A bit like relationships. Why do we tolerate things not meant for us? There is no trophy at the end, for enduring complete bullshit for the longest amount of time. Stop and think about that a minute. If it constantly irritates you, rinse that shit out and put it in recycling.

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