Playing Hooky

Wednesday mornings are my time. Every week I meet the most fantastic ladies for coffee at 7:30. That is extremely early for me, but it’s worth it. As hard as I try, I have a tendency to be late. This morning was later than usual. Having the bathroom tore up is throwing me for a loop.

Of course as I got to the stop light, I got a text. Mom can you please bring me my Spanish homework? Mom, Mom please? My kids know that I am not a don’t worry I’ll save your ass kind of mom. I’m much more of the responsibility is a life skill kind of parent. I knew that this was an important one so I dropped it off with a note that told him he owes me $10.

I was on my way to work and I started to think of all the things I had to do at home. My house was trashed, laundry piled up, the bathroom needed to be primed. I got to work, checked my emails and then sent my boss a text. Here’s one of the bonuses to working for someone with empathy. She understands when I say, I need today off. There is no clock to punch or quota to hit. So many times this past 6 months I’ve reflected on how blessed I am with flexibility. I can’t imagine how we could have managed between practices, half days, busses not running and all of life’s little curve balls.

I’ve learned enough times that paint is a magnet to my hair. Today I was prepared.

I got home and threw my bedding in the wash. Clean sheets make me happy and for some reason reduce stress. Then I primed the bathroom. I only spilled the tray twice and that was due to my negligent tipping. I was shocked that I still had the energy to clean the house. I had a couple of candles burning and Alexa playing. It was heaven.

Not going to quit my day job

I felt a little guilty not telling anyone I was home but damn it felt good. I was so excited for Chuck to get home and see everything I did. Love is not just words, love is actions. Conscience decisions everyday to make sure they feel valued and present. There was a lot of love going into that bathroom today.

Of course I was napping when he got home. All that work will really tucker a girl out. He was very impressed with my progress. Of course he did have to say a couple of stupid things like, “Why didn’t you paint behind the toilet?” I love that man but I swear sometimes he’s new around here. We should have a sign as a reminder, kind of like at the zoo. Instead of Do Not Feed The Bears, it should say Do Not Trigger Mom.


We finished the second coat together and I must say it sure does go smoother with 2 people. It doesn’t hurt when one of those 2 people is 6ft4 either. So today I got caught up and feel pretty productive. The bathroom is primed and fingers crossed there will be a new toilet installed this weekend. I’ve got some YouTubes to watch first.

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