Sportsmanship and Paint Swatches.

What kind of Saturday would it be without an 8am basketball game? I am not a morning person. I’ve given up on the idea that somehow, someway that will change. We all managed to get out the door and to the game by 8am. Addie even had breakfast. That right there is a win.

This kid though…who knew avocado toast was so simple.

They played hard but in the end they lost. I’m the mom that teeters between go kick some ass and just wanting everyone to have fun. What I will not tolerate is poor sportsmanship. As I watched that kid of mine sulk in her chair, I so badly wanted to get up and walk across that court and unleash mom beast. I didn’t though. I was able to make it to the car. I explained to her that I don’t ever want to see that again. There is no reason to act like that. It’s embarrassing for us, her team and her coaches. Is she the only one that acts that way? Nope, but she’s mine and we don’t play that way.

Body language is huge and this didn’t cut it.

After the game I figured the best punishment was to head to Sherwin Williams and pick out some paint swatches. After what felt like forever I had 6 that were strong contenders. Unfortunately 3 got knocked out of the bracket instantly for “looking like a sinus infection.” I don’t understand why the boys care what color the bathroom is anyway. Guess I’m back to the drawing board on that one.

A sinus infection? Ugh, boys are dumb.

We dove into the bathroom project today. Zero game plan, zero expectations. We have our work cut out but usually we make a pretty good team. We are patching some significant areas around our shower and ceiling. Then we will paint, replace the toilet, floor and hopefully replace the countertop with some beautiful butcher block that I picked up last summer.

There’s no turning back.

While our bathroom is under construction, we will be showering in the kids bathroom. They are less than thrilled with idea. We are going to have to make up shower schedules, or something. Today I did my makeup at the kitchen table. That’s going to get old real quick. Day one and we both have already mentioned that there will be ibuprofen consumption tonight.

What projects do you have on your list to tackle?

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