Lessons and Fajitas

Baseball tryouts were this week. Holy shit that is no joke. Growing up I was not in sports. I was more concerned with the social aspect. My focus was where the next party was. My husband on the other hand, was a jock. Two completely opposite experiences which actually makes parenting a bit easier. He can understand the stress and pressure from tryouts and I’m laid back and cool.

Tryouts meant I had to take the kids to school. Brogan had his backpack, gym bag, lunch bag and his gear. The poor kid couldn’t ride the bus if he wanted to. On Tuesday morning we had just dropped Addison off and Reba McEntire’s song Fancy came on the radio. I hadn’t heard that song in forever. I sang it like I was winning a Karaoke contest. Brogan looks at me and says, “um what is this song about”? I explained that basically her mom “pimped” her out. He was disgusted when I tried to justify that her momma was sick and the baby was gonna starve to death. Damn I love that kid.

Occasionally I’ll spend $10 and boost my Facebook blog page (Filter Free With A Good Heart). I have big dreams for that little page and the more expose it gets the closer I am to my goals. Well apparently this time I was in a hurry and didn’t pay very close attention. I don’t know what I did wrong, but after the third message from random guys asking if I could chat, I knew I made a mistake. I did some blocking and restarted my ad. This time making sure to narrow it down to women who enjoy life experiences mixed with humor. Fingers crossed.

My bad…

Tonight when I got home from work I talked my husband into heading to the park for some Pickleball. I was so excited to show him my new skills and how much I’ve improved. So remember when I said my husband was a jock? He’s kind of an asshole too. Always so competitive and not very loose with the compliments. I love that man but I hate being his partner in Euchre and I’m adding Pickleball to that list.

One in basketball and one in baseball. They keep us busy. It’s divide and concur season.

Brogan got home from practice at 7:45. I had thrown together some fajitas because I couldn’t stomach the thought of McDonalds. I need to up my dinner game. These kids are so busy and they need to eat real food. I’m going to have to just give up on the thought of eating as a family until after baseball season. If you have any ideas or things that are easily reheated let me know. I’ve got all the gadgets, air fryer, instant pot and crockpot.

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