I Don’t Receive That.

One of the best things on TikTok is Elyse Myers. I have fallen completely in love her. She is hilarious and not afraid to laugh at herself. If you have some time to kill and haven’t watched her yet, look her up. I watched something of hers yesterday that really hit home. She was taking about not receiving things that were negative or hurtful. What an easy concept to just say “I don’t receive that” and walk away.

Can you imagine it being that easy? Not mulling over a conversation that happened a year ago. Just verbally saying to yourself “I don’t receive that” and banishing it from your life. No more wasted hours, days, months or years. Holly shit what a concept that you have the power to stop and say hell naw, to wasting good energy on bad people.

Once upon a time I was faced head on with someone that tore me up, down, left and right. She had prepared for that moment, I was taken off guard. As I stood there speechless she spoke to me in a way that no one in 42 years had. I was called manipulative, deceitful, undermining, and things I don’t even remember.

As I’ve played that scenario out several times since, I’ve realized something. That production was so much more about her, than me. Although I will admit my first reaction was anger. How dare someone say such terrible things. Those words have never been used to describe my character and I wanted a rebuttal. A chance to prove she was wrong. Here’s the deal, sometimes we don’t get to know why. We don’t get to know what they think you’ve done or what bullshit story they have made up in their mind. We get to pick up the mess and move on. Some people suck and that’s it.

I can say with 100% truth that I am no longer angry. I actually feel sorry for the way that her world must be. So perfect from the outside, but a narcissistic tornado on the inside. I spent too much time wondering if she was truly an Angel with a mean streak or the Devil with a bit of good. At the end of the day I am real to myself and other people. Apparently that’s a fruit that doesn’t grow on everyone’s tree.

So today I’m putting it to bed in true Elyse fashion, I am verbally saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t receive that.” What has happened in your life recently that you’ve been carrying? What hurt have you allowed to be inflicted that you’re ready to let go of? Let’s think about it. When you’re ready I’ll say it with you.

We are done receiving that

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