Big Girl Panties

There are a few things that I am scared of. Mice is at the top of that list. Coming in second for a tie is the eye doctor and the chiropractor.

I have legit reasons for the fear of mice. Maybe not to the extreme extent that I am, but none the less legit reasons. I grew up in an old farm house. I could hear them in the walls. Then there was that one time that someone didn’t put the cover on the dog food container. The second I brought that scoop up and made eye contact with the hitchhiking mouse, I was toast.

The eye doctor is more of “by association”. I can’t handle anything to do with the eyeball. Contacts were never an option for me because hell would freeze over before I intentionally put something in my eye. When I get an eyelash in there, look out. There’s screaming, dancing around and tears. My annual eye exam is always a treat. That stupid puff of air gets me every time.

The Chiropractor has always stumped me. Who would voluntarily mess with their spine? I don’t know about you but the sound of bones cracking doesn’t seem healthy. I actually never stepped foot in one until Brogan needed it. I’ve witnessed first hand what chiropractic care can do. He has done a 180 and is so much healthier and stronger.

With that being said. I’ve lived with neck and upper back pain for awhile. A few ibuprofen and it’s controlled. I started to realize that I was taking ibuprofen more frequently than I’d like. I still wasn’t ready to call the chiropractor. I had a few Valium left, that would cure it.

Did I mention my friend is actually our chiropractors wife. My fear is a bit of a running joke with us. I’ve stood outside when Brogan has gotten adjusted. I always thought never gonna happen with me. Chuck got sneaky and gave her a heads up that I was in pain. She tried a few texts but it took me 3 weeks to finally cave.

I called this morning to pay a bill. Somehow I hung up with an appointment for an adjustment and a message. The good news is there is a doctor who uses something called an activator and I was going to see her. I was assured there would be no manhandling or bending me in half.

Let me tell you something. My appointment was a piece of cake! She used a little puncher thing. Seriously I had no pain and the massage at the end was like my cookie for finally getting the courage. I’m going back next week to see how things are looking.

Best hour spent in months

This definitely doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and get a pet mouse, or my eyes dilated, but I’m not scared of the chiropractor anymore.

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