Pickleball and Ashes

How do you know you’re getting old? You actually sign up for weeknight Pickleball classes, that’s how. I’ve flipped through the community enrichment catalogs many times before. There’s been a time or two when a financial or estate planning class has caught my eye but I have never actually signed up.

You are my sunshine on a cloudy day

Go big or go home, Pickleball it is. My friend Anna is so much better than I am about walking and getting her steps in. She’s know better than to ask me to go waking durning the winter. There’s usually only got a 50/50 change of commitment when the weather is nice. That’s one thing about me you can count on, I never over commit. Somehow she talked me into signing up for Pickleball.

She’s one of the only ones that can get my ass moving

I had no idea what to expect. 5:30-7pm is a long time. We had our first class on Tuesday night and I feel like we learned a lot. I don’t understand the scoring at all but I do know that you want to stay out of the kitchen (that’s the name for the part of the court right up to the net). We go every Tuesday night for a month. It gives us exercise and entertainment.

Absolutely unrelated. Get yourself one of these. I grabbed this one at TJMaxx. Makes washing your face at night feel like a treat.

I got word today that my kids bus isn’t running all of next week. I know it seems trivial but drop off and pickup is a nightmare, a comical nightmare. I swear I could write a book strictly on what is witnessed in that line. My kids understand the concept of tuck and roll.

Got my dad today. I know it’s weird and morbid and weird, but he’s here. He’s not sitting at my table drinking coffee and laughing about my kids latest antics. Instead he’s sitting in a jar currently on my buffet until I decide where to put him.

My Dad

This weekend I’m going to purge my closet. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve got probably 25 pair of jeans. Who needs 25 pair of jeans? I’m out of hangers and room. I wonder what the appropriate number of jeans to have is? I’m thinking 7-10. That’s my goal.

I miss seeing my dresser. It’s under a heaping mound of clothes. You’d think I would take the time to put them away considering I’ve washed, dried, and folded them, but nope. I’m not lazy just overwhelmed.

My Friday night date

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