When Is The Last Time You Made Out With Your Husband?

I’m not talking about the “making out” that is better referred to as foreplay. I’m talking about cuddling up on the couch and randomly kissing him.

There’s something about him.

I’m going to tell you a secret. My husband is my person. My protector, my biggest supporter, my reality checker. The one that no matter what, I know without a doubt will have my back. Our marriage comes before our kids……yup I said that.

I love my kids, but they don’t come first. Not at our house. My kids are loved but they come second. We make it a point to put each other first. I hope that they are learning from us.

We take at least one vacation alone every year, no guilt. If I had my way we would do it every 3-4 months.

One of our best Florida trips

It’s so important for us to not forget who we are as individuals and as a couple. I don’t ever want to stop making him laugh and he never wants to make me question his love.

Maybe you’ve gotten off track being so busy with the kids that you forgot the end game. Go make out with your husband. He needs it as much as you do.

Hold his hand, kiss him, rub the back of his neck, anything to remind him he’s first.

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