Mammograms And Close Calls

Worst part of the mammogram is no deodorant and the maneuvering of arm fat.

In July of 2020 I finally had my overdue mammogram. My doctor did his due diligence, and reminded me at every appointment. I wasn’t putting it off for any particular reason. I was 42, healthy, and saw it as an inconvenience. I’d much rather be in a thrift store on my days off, than getting my boobs moved around on a hard plastic plate that tightens them down in a vice. I wasn’t scared, just dumb.

My chart is almost as bad as WebMD

When the results came back and more imaging was requested, I had a wake up call. I remember talking to my doctor on the phone telling him of pissed off I was at myself. I made my appointment at Lemmon Holton and swore I would never miss one again. After a few different angles they decided I needed an ultra sound. I layer there counting ceiling tiles and praying. Everything came out fine but they wanted me back in 6 months. You can bet your ass I was there 6 months to the day.

Today was my 4th mammogram in just over a year. It went well and I got great news. I’ve been moved to annual mammograms at Lemmon Holton for 2 more years, and then I can have them anywhere. Hallelujah. If you’re putting yours off because of inconvenience, call tomorrow and make the appointment. If you’re scared because you’ve never had one, it’s a piece of cake. The worst part by far, is the humbling feeling of having your arm fat moved out of the way.

Yay for September. Sweater weather is my time to shine.

Once I was done with my appointment I scooted across the street to the hospital to see my dad. We hung out, chatted, and watched some Friends on TBS. He’s a hell of a trooper. Unfortunately he’s become quite the seasoned patient over the last 6 months. We’ve come to the conclusion that sleeping off the good pain med buzz, is really quite unfair.

I got to stop into my favorite thrift store and scored a couple of fun things. I could stay there all day looking for treasures. The really old stuff speaks to me. I love things with a story, and a bit of history. Tattered treasures make my heart happy.

I have no idea that the box actually is, but I love it

Oh, how could I forget that I almost shit my pants? I made it thank God, but I definitely have not had a close call like that in a really long time. Of course I had to share it with my husband. It’s amazing he still has the superpower to find me sexy after everything he’s seen and knows.

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