The Weekends fly right by

My babies

We recently decided to tackle some home projects. I’ll be the first to say, I’m nervous that we might have bitten off more than we can chew. We are downsizing our deck and having a patio poured. My original plan was to tear the whole deck down and rebuild something smaller. One trip to Menards quickly changed my mind. Lumber is insanely expensive right now. Plan B is now recycling as much as we possibly can and keeping our fingers crossed.

Before demo

I’ve got to say I was kind of a bad ass with the crowbar and hammer. There was something therapeutic about about ripping out 20 year old rusty nails from the deck boards, one by one. We got as far as we could on Saturday and have 4 weekends to finish it before the concrete gets poured. With a new bottle of ibuprofen and determination I’m hoping we can get it done. I’ll keep you posted.

Side view
It was a family affair

Addison AKA nail retriever

After a long day of pulling nails and banging boards Brogan and I snuck off to the mall while Addison went with nana for a pedicure, and Chuck went to Menards for new posts. It’s so nice that he’s at the age where he can go into what stores he wants to and I can go into mine. After hitting some stores we met up at Bath and Body Works. This is where he bought me my Mother’s Day gift. He has the sweetest heart. I was so completely in love with him until he spilled a shit ton of cinnamon and sugar from his pretzels in my car. Snot rock thought I was kidding, until I pulled into the car wash and made him vacuum it all out. Moms new car is serious business.

Any resemblance?
Mommas boy

Mother’s Day was full of coffee in bed, a nap, and ice cream on the couch while binge watching some Netflix. Chuck prepared an amazing dinner. He did ribs, asparagus, beans, and potato skins. Nana and the kids came over. My mom heart is so full. We ate, we laughed, and there was an insane game of backyard wiffle ball. These are the days I wish I could bottle up and remember forever.

Nana loved her Mother’s Day present
The yard may be little but the love and memories are huge
Nana cheering them on from the slider
My cake that Addison decorated ❤️

Mother’s Day 2021, my heart is full.

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