Dear Vacation Mom

You’ve planned this trip for months. The excitement of this vacation is what got you through the winter. What now?

Now you have to try and relax. You have to remember that it’s your vacation too. Don’t feel guilty about not hitting the lazy river at 8am, because you need your coffee first. Those few cups of coffee could very well make or break everyone’s day. You know it, and deep down they do too.

Don’t stress out about the wet suits on the floor or the wrappers everywhere. Don’t you dare pick them up though. They are more than capable of cleaning up after themselves. Might take a warm cattle prod but they can, and will do it. If they want to live out of a suitcase instead of putting their clothes away nicely in a drawer, is it really going to hurt anyone?

Count your blessings, take your meds and go make hella memories.

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