Raising Ballers

Before I had a son I never watched baseball. It didn’t interest me in the least. As a matter of fact I found it quite painful to watch. A close second to golf on the entertainment scale. That was until I had a personal investment in a player. I’ve been hooked since he took the... Continue Reading →

Sign Me Up

It’s no secret that I’ve gotten Botox a few times. As a matter of fact I’m way overdue. So when a friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted to hit an open house for a new Esthetic’s Center I decided to go. They were running specials so I figured I’d pre pay for... Continue Reading →

Flea Market Flop

Today we had nothing planned. We had put in the work on Saturday and Sunday, today was a day of rest. That was until I was scrolling FB this morning and saw that there was a flea market an hour away. The extent of my knowledge of flea markets is from the television show Flea... Continue Reading →

Sunburn and Bras

It happens every year. That first sunny day where sunscreen crosses my mind but my judgement gets clouded by the sudden dose of natural vitamin D. I feel invincible. Unfortunately I forget that first dose does a number on me. The majority of yesterday’s impact was my back and shoulders. Mornings are made better with... Continue Reading →

We are gonna regret this tomorrow.

This morning Chuck and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do some work in the yard. We drank coffee, took a shower and headed out. First stop was McDonald. A good day starts with a sausage egg McMuffin and a Carmel Frappe. Never go shopping hungry First stop was Sam’s Club.... Continue Reading →

He’s The One…

For 15 years he’s had my heart. From the second I saw him, I was head over heels in love. He’s kind, empathetic, funny, not bad on the eyes and he calls me mom. The expectations he has for himself are high. He strives to build up others. He understands that there is enough Sun... Continue Reading →

Torn Meniscus and KFC

What is Mother’s Day without a bucket of KFC? Every childhood memory of my family gathering at my grandparent’s house has a bucket of chicken in it. I honestly teetered between KFC and Popeyes. Popeyes has better chicken but KFC coleslaw is iconic. I got about 50 photos of kids and me. Not one passed... Continue Reading →

Me Time

Plot twist What is it about making time for ourselves that makes us feel guilty? At this stage in my life, I am running from baseball games to basketball games. Throwing blankets and chairs in the car and trying to ignore the fact that my yard looks abandoned. The laundry spills out of the laundry... Continue Reading →

Rolls and Rugs

Today was a big day for my Mom. She has been taking classes through her church to become a Stevens Minister. She invited us to celebrate with her, as she and the other members were recognized at today’s service. Now I knew of this plan for awhile but a calendar isn’t something that’s ever caught... Continue Reading →

Weekend Recap

Friday night I went on a date with my husband. We aren’t fancy like Applebees but we we’re definitely crushing it at Costco kind of people. We loaded up chicken, butter, cauliflower, broccoli, heavy cream and $100 worth of impulse buys. It was very romantic. Although I kid about these little dates they are honestly... Continue Reading →

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