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Hallmark and Puzzles

Just once a week. If I could just get myself to sit down and blog once a week I’d be happy. It’s not for lack of content. There is always something going on that either makes me laugh or gives me serious WTF vibes. Honestly it’s just not prioritizing correctly. I’m gonna add that to… Continue Reading →

17 Years of Love, Laughter, Irritation and Patience.

This morning started out with an 8am basketball game. I threw my hair in a bun, grabbed coffee and headed into the wild. Girls basketball is something I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully understand. I get the whole ball in the basket thing but it’s the wrestling to the ground for the ball that… Continue Reading →

C-Paps and Sex Toys

This whole getting older thing is actually humbling. Nothing brings your ass back to reality quicker than sitting in a “how to use your C-pap machine” class with a bunch of strangers. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of Hey Dudes I own, reality is I’m getting old. I went into this C-Pap journey with… Continue Reading →

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