Torn Meniscus and KFC

What is Mother’s Day without a bucket of KFC? Every childhood memory of my family gathering at my grandparent’s house has a bucket of chicken in it. I honestly teetered between KFC and Popeyes. Popeyes has better chicken but KFC coleslaw is iconic. I got about 50 photos of kids and me. Not one passed social media criteria according to them.

I did however get the green light for a selfie to be shared.

Friday night my knee was bothering me. It came out of the blue. Definitely not overexertion from exercise. The only exercise I’ve been doing is running my mouth from the bleachers at the baseball fields. I love watching my son play baseball but I also love socializing with my mom friends.

Saturday I took my mom to At Home. I needed some stuff for my bathroom. The 2 month remodel is almost done. I have a mirror project to finish and some final decorative touches but other than that, it’s done. My moms a good sport. We split up to shop. When she gets tired she will find a place to rest. I came around the corner and there she was. Sitting on the patio furniture display and she had run into 2 of her friends. I laughed so hard. They were adorable. All sitting there just chatting. I’m thankful for the friendships that she has.

She is adorable

After shopping my knee was screaming at me. I went home and crashed. Web MD and Google have both confirmed torn meniscus. Embarrassing as it is I’m pretty sure I know how I did it. I sit on my leg at work. I tuck it under my butt when I sit sometimes. It’s like a little booster seat. Pretty sure my ass hurt my knee. Super.

On mother’s Day, Chuck took me out shopping. It’s funny how when you actually want to spend money you can’t find what you’re looking for. When you have no money to spend you find a ton of stuff. We came home and I took a nap. Shocking, I know.

Morgan and my mom came over for dinner. Then I planted some flowers that I got and we hung my bird feeder. I can’t wait to enjoy my patio this year. Last year when it was poured I had just had my hysterectomy. Funny how time flies. So much has changed in the last year. I have been so blessed.

Love my new bird feeder.

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