Me Day

I’m a firm believer in self care. Mental, physical and spiritual. This dark dreary weather has been sucking all of the energy out of me. Yesterday I decided that I needed a me day. I wasn’t 100% sure what that would entail but I was excited.

I woke up this morning and got ready, as if I was going to work. I dropped the kids off at school and then went to my weekly Wednesday coffee date. I must say, this is honestly the highlight of my week. I think with Covid we forgot how much we need human interaction. I need to socialize with strong supportive women and I’m blessed to get to do that every Wednesday morning.

That Twix tasted like independence and rebellion

I decided that I would not be doing anything today that I didn’t want to do. There would be zero guilt about the laundry piles, dishes or anything else at home. A selfish day, and I took full advantage of it. There would be no errands, no checking the clock, and no expectations.

Sometimes ya gotta make yourself smile

I started at Style Encore. Left with a bruised ego and a sweater. Some days are good days to try on pants and some days are not. I headed over to Ulta and TjMaxx. I can’t remember everything I got but I definitely treated myself well. I decided I was on a roll and headed to Marshall’s and then Kohl. I am personally not a fan of Kohls but the had a heated mattress pad that I wasn’t to grad for Addie. Those two stops were for the kids, which kind of went against what I was striving for but I can’t pass up a good deal. I treated myself to a Twix bar at the Kohls checkout and had zero guilt. After all it was my, “Me Day.”

I treated myself to two new banana bread pans

For lunch I decided to try this place I’ve always been curious about. The Pita House on 28th st. Now usually I would be extremely hesitant about walking into a new restaurant alone, but not today for some reason. I ordered an original Gyro. It could have easily been split. Of course I ate it all but again zero guilt today.

It was rainy and cold. Perfect napping weather. Instead of running the dishwasher, I took a nap. A wonderful long uninterrupted nap. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. I would strongly suggest the occasional “Me Day.”

He completes me

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