Surprise Parties and Valentines

Rarely do we have things on the calendar that don’t revolve around a kids sporting event. As I’ve said before, I hate commitment. I am a the hardest person to nail down with a solid RSVP. It’s not that I won’t go, I just have less anxiety if I’m not expected to go. That way if I show up it’s a surprise and if I don’t it’s no big deal. Well that works for me a good portion of the time, but not when your friends are planning a surprise party. I made sure to be a solid RSVP plenty of time in advance. I even took a nap.

Love them so much. Happy birthday Kelly.

The party was wonderful. We got to see friends that we haven’t seen in months. I will say that being the sober friend is a bit different. I haven’t drank in over a year. This is completely by choice. A couple of years ago I started to get sick every time I would drink. It didn’t matter what it was. I don’t mean headache, I’m talking full blown attacks resulting in me being sure I was going to die, as I would fight passing out. Deep intentional breaths as my whole body would sweat and shake. After a couple of minutes it would be over but I would feel like I was hit by a truck. Im sorry but there isn’t an alcohol buzz good enough to make that worth it.

Happy birthday Dave.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Early on in our relationship I would consider it a big deal but now not so much. I did however decide to surprise Chuck with an awesome charcuterie heart. I mean what man doesn’t love meat and cheese? He got me 14 pair or underwear and a new bottle of my perfume. He didn’t really know it but Macys was having a sale and I had a credit.

My Valentine was one happy fella
This is my absolute favorite. I always receive compliments on it.

I have officially hit a new level of sophistication. I have 8 brand new bras from Soma and 14 new pair of underwear. Once you have a hysterectomy you don’t need those “one week a month” pairs hanging around. I don’t think I’ve owned 8 brand new bras in the last 5 years, let alone at the same time. I don’t even know who I am. I feel so fancy smancy. By the time I’m 45 I might even have matching socks.

Nothing says going out later like good makeup and an oversized cardigan

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