Random Thoughts Today

As I was vacuuming my tablecloth today I had a thought. What if other moms don’t do that? What if I’m the only mom that takes the hose from the vacuum and sucks off the big chunks? Don’t get me wrong, I do wash it occasionally. Now that lead to many more events that peeked my curiosity.

Am I the only mom that uses my Vacuum to push things out of the way? Are there people that actually bend down to pick up the shoes and baseball cups, or does everyone just push them around like me? OMG what if other people don’t have those random things just laying around on the living room floor?

Does anyone else have a colony of dust bunnies on their ceiling fan? I don’t mean a few, I mean an embarrassing amount. Those allergen pillows aren’t going to do shit when you can write your name in the dust.

I can’t even believe I’m showing you this. So nasty.

Let’s talk about the shower. Why do I keep those almost gone, bitty bars of soap and empty shampoo bottles in there? Am I lazy, or do I think if I get desperate I can add a little water and get one more wash out of it. That might be a good one to really analyze later.

I find my husband incredibly sexy. Even more so the older he gets. He laughs when I tell him that but I’ve never been more serious. Wisdom and experience are attractive. I’d take his stature, black rimed glasses and grey hair over a young buck any day.

Watching the Lions game. Next year is their year.

I cleaned out a portion of my closet today. I filled a garbage bag and already dropped it off at Goodwill. I resisted the urge to buy a 7ft tree and settled for 3 shirts. It’s important to always show them what you didn’t come home with. It makes what you did bring home look good.

You know how some people are passionate about finding an animal at the shelter and getting them all good homes? That’s how I feel about 1/2 the stuff at Goodwill.

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