Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Vacations are fun. Theres the sun, sand, souvenirs and escape from the daily routine. A glimpse into a different life perhaps. Sometimes I think I could totally handle slinging waffles at the Waffle House to live somewhere warm and sunny. Then I realize that I’d last about a hot minute with this mouth and little tolerance for people with a sense of entitlement.

Candid photos are my favorite
Last photo of vacation

Addison and I hit the laundromat on Thursday morning. I couldn’t handle the dirty, sand filled clothes all over anymore. We are obviously on a streak of picking shady spots. Needless to say we washed, dried and got the hell out of there. Once again, reviews must be read prior. I’m not a quick learner apparently.

We were supposed to check out today by 10am but yesterday we decided to pack it up a little early. Not that we weren’t having fun because we absolutely were, there’s just something about being home, sleeping in your own bed and sitting on the couch next to your husband with your arms and legs strung all over him, like a game of twister, because you missed him so much. We left last night and around 7 and pulled in the driveway around 11 today.

If you need me I’ll be right up his ass the next few days.

I drove 16 hours, through 5 states, at night and everyone survived. There were a few questionable times. The lack of leg room, potty breaks, gas tank fill ups and stench of 4 kids on day 7 of vacation was all the motivation I needed. The Starbucks and Carmel Frappes were just the cherry on top. My husband was less than impressed with my last minute decision. Not because he didn’t want us home, but because he wasn’t excited about me going that distance at night. He tracked our progress and texted me “you’re almost there babe” as soon as we got into Michigan this morning. His whole world was in that car. I can imagine it was a bit unsettling.

Took a hot shower, and crawled into bed. There is something so perfect about clean sheets, your own bed, and a legit excuse to nap without guilt. This trip is one for the books. Now I just need a little adult vacation from this “Moms a big girl”vacation. I’ve got that feeling of accomplishment and exhaustion.

I’m so proud of these little travelers

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