Put on the suit and get in the picture.

Put on the damn bathing suit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one piece with a skirt, a two piece tankini, or a yellow polka dot bikini. Put it on and here’s why.

You’ve spent way to much time picking yourself apart and it’s time to change the way you think. Those stretch marks on your stomach, those are from carrying 3 amazing children. Your arms aren’t toned that’s ok, they still give amazing hugs. How about your thick thighs, what positive things can we say about them? Your husband loves them. His hands are attracted like a magnet to them. He laughs every time you remind him that thick thighs save lives and cell phones.

My babies

Stop sitting by the pool with your coverup on. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are you, and there is no competition in that. Your mind and your self confidence need to come together and remember that every “flaw” you have is unique and actually beautiful.

When we show our daughters what self love looks like we are creating endless possibilities for her. A confident attitude and a loving heart is a recipe for magic. Start jumping in the pictures. Take selfie’s with them if you have to. Stop asking “how do I look?” In every picture that’s taken. How about just promising yourself that when you see the picture, instead of focusing on how you looked, you try and remember how you felt? Let’s try it you and me….

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