Stay in room 438

Mom was admitted that night, and because of Covid there were no overnight guests. I was able to get her into her room in the PICU and meet her night nurses. That always made me feel better to know who was caring for her. As a matter of fact over the next 4 days it was my routine. I needed them to know that she had an active daughter. One that wanted to know exactly what was going on, but was also grateful enough to bring cider and donuts to acknowledge their hard work.

The entire weekend was a blur. I was at the hospital pretty much from 8-8. She had some good days and a set back or two. The devil spirt got her once which I might laugh about until the day I die. I have to admit there was a little to much similarity between this, and 2 weeks ago taking care of grandma in her final days. Many heartaches but many laughs as well.

Of course she befriended nearly everyone she encountered. Especially a Nurse Tech Veronica. Veronica was sweet but also didn’t take any shit. She was great at her job and efficient. She somehow had a a way with mom. Watching them interact was like watching old friends.

News started to get out slowly in her circle of friends and mine. There were texts, messages and flowers being delivered. I even got a call on Halloween night from my friend security Joe that my boss had dropped off Chick- Fil- A, and he would meet me at the elevators. There I stood exhausted and hungry as he handed me a bag with enough food in it for an army. Quite sure there was 2 of everything on the menu. I can only equate it to the time I was young and poor. A friend and I scrounged up enough change to hit the Burger King drive thru for a chicken sandwich to split. They handed us the wrong bag and it was FULL of food. It was like winning the lottery. I shared with Joe. He was shocked and in disbelief at the kindness and love that we shared.

Sunday morning when I arrived the devil may have gotten me too. There she laid, not looking like the much improving mom I had kissed and left last night. Her IV was bloody and she was confused. I hit the call light and prayed for patience. I texted those who can usually calm me down. I was visibly shaking. Finally an IV specialist came in to re do her IV and put it somewhere different. Still no nurse however. Finally 45 minutes later I got to meet her.

The time lapse was a blessing and the IV tech helped to calm my nerves. She was older and sweet. She used to be a nurse so she could explain to me some of the things that I was witnessing that had upset me and explain to me the purpose of them.

According to the nurse apparently they had woken mom up to take her for another CT scan. Well she’s never been much of a morning person so that didn’t go well. That’s when the “devil got her” and she tried to get off the CT table. She was non compliant and frankly, my words not hers, a complete pain in the ass. Brain injuries are tough. Sometimes there is a step back. She thinks she might have even thrown her glasses, it’s hard to remember. It’s ok though because I taped her glasses back together with scotch tape and we can laugh about her hulk like experience later.

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