We all have that friend

We all have that friend. The one that is stoic and strong. Her guard goes down for only a select few. She is well kept on the outside, almost to a flaw. She has dark eyes that are full, but inviting. Her smile is bright and contagious. There is an energy that surrounds her. She laughs and will say it’s because she’s medicated but you know it’s more.

I’m that friend. I’m the one that tries to be stoic and strong. Only a select few have seen me with my guard down. My eyes show emotion to a flaw. The smile on my face is crooked but intentional. I’m strong but weak, brave yet scared and complete yet empty.

Text me, even when I don’t reply. Call me, even when I don’t answer. Love me when I’m hard to love. You don’t need to validate me, you don’t need to carry me. Just hug me and remind me you’re there.

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